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TCC-SCV Project

SeaRegs are one of the partners working on the TCC-SCV Skippers without Borders, an EU funded project so skippers can work on different flagged vessels in different Countries.
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ISAF Offshore Survival Training

SeaRegs worked with the Chinese Yachting Federation to provide an Instructor Training course for the ISAF Offshore Survival course. The Chinese Yachting Federation are now able to certificate their own ISAF Offshore courses.

South Korea

National Yacht Programme

SeaRegs developed a National Yacht programme for the South Korea Yachting Federation and has been working in conjunction with the Federation and ISAF writing books to accompany the scheme.


RYA and STCW Centre Set-up

SeaRegs have helped a company in Kenya become an RYA recognised school and are working with them on becoming an STCW centre.


National Yacht Programme Training

SeaRegs have provided Instructor training for the newly established Turkish Yacht programme in association with the Turkish Yachting Federation.


International Sailing Federation (ISAF)

SeaRegs have written the ISAF Offshore Guide for Personal Survival Techniques, the first in a series of Yachting books and assisted with an ISAF Offshore seminar for National Training Managers.

SeaRegs has worked in many countries around the world