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RYA Radar and Advanced Radar courses

LR Classroom RadarIf a vessel is equipped with Radar, the MCA strongly recommend any member of the crew who is liable to use the radar to undertake appropriate training in it’s use.

The 1 day RYA Radar course covers the basics of radar operation. This classroom based course uses our radar simulators and covers:
Switching on and setting up
Understanding the picture
Refining the picture
Radar reflectors
Radar and collision avoidance
Fixing and monitoring position by radar
Pilotage by radar

We can also combine the 1 day RYA Radar course with a second day afloat on our Advanced Radar course on our motorboat taking your Radar usage and understanding to the next level. On the water we put the above skills into practice and learn how to deal with practical radar issues afloat. This second day really consolidates your theory knowledge and puts it into practice so you can use your radar confidently.

The 1 day RYA Radar course is £110. The cost of the combined course is £250. Lunch and training materials are included.

Bookings can be made by contacting the office 01752 408270 or online.

As the price of equipment falls, the use of radar is becoming increasingly common. However, as with most electronic equipment, best results are only obtained when you know how to use all the functions correctly.

The RYA Radar course starts from basics by looking at the way a radar set works and then goes on to demonstrate how the different adjustments and features available affect the working of the set. Other subjects covered include target definition, radar reflectors, types of radar displays, radar plotting and the use of radar for navigation and collision avoidance. At the end of the course students are awarded with an RYA Radar course certificate.

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